Laravel Saving file from http post request

//check if request has file called file
    //get file name with extension
   $filenameWithExt = $request->file('file')->getClientOriginalName();
   //get just file name
   $filename = $request->file($filenameWithExt, PATHINFO_FILENAME) ;
   //get just ext
   $extension = $request->file('file')->getClientOriginalExtension();
   //file name to store
   $fileNameToStore = $filename.'_'.time().'.'.$extension;
   $fileNameToStore = $request->image.'_'.$request->serial.'.'.$extension;
    $path = $request->file('file')->storeAs('public', $fileNameToStore);
    return new StationResources(["message" => "Image saved succesfully"]);
    return new StationResources(["Message" => "Image not found"]);

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